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We Offer Affordable & Fast Title 24 Report & Hers Test For Home
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We Offer Affordable & Fast Title 24 Report & Hers Test For Contractors

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HERS Rater Testing Service Sacramento & California

To open or close building permits Home Energy Efficiency HERS Rater Test is required according to Title 24 and 20 of the California Law Code in Sacramento, the Bay Area and all other California cities like San Francisco, Walnut Creek, Concord, Roseville for new residential and commercial constructions, and when alterations are done to heating or cooling of existing buildings (the HVAC Systems). We are a leading Hers Rating Company in Sacramento and offer HERS rating in all other California counties. Our Hers Raters in Sacramento and California have many years of experience in complying with Title 24 and Title 20, and we use the best, most advanced tools to perform the HERS testing. Our HERS Raters perform tests to ensure that the house or the commercial building and the HVAC system installed, collectively, work efficiently to do cooling and heating by using the least amount of energy. Our quality HERS Raters in Sacramento and our HERS raters in other cities like Davis, El Dorado Hills, Roseville, Rocklin, Yuba City, San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles have years of experience in performing various tests

We Will Help You Do All The Paperwork – Fill Out Your Forms

Based on what alterations you did to your existing HVAC system or if you installed a new system, the California state law will require you to get different HERS Tests done. You don’t have to be confused and stressed, our HERS raters can talk to your installer or contractor, and we can fill out the required forms for you. This significantly simplifies the process for you. Following are the forms that we can help you fill out or fill it out for you:

Compliance form of CF1R: our HERS raters will complete this form for you after talking to your installer about what changes they have done to your HVAC system.

Installation form of CF2R: our HERS raters can even verify and fill out this form for you, which is usually done by the installer to speed up the process.

Verification form of CF3R: our staff will fill out this verification form, showing that we completed the tests.

Our HERS Rater Perform Following HERS Tests

CF1R compliance form generated by the state registry. Based on if you are installing a brand new HVAC (heating and air conditioning unit) system or replacing components and ducts of the existing system, the state laws will require you to get mandatory testing in order to complete your project for residential or commercial. Our professional staff provides all of the following tests:

  • Duct Leakage Testing o see if your ducts are leaking more than the allowed limits. The more the leakage, the more your Air Conditioning or heating unit has to work in order to cool your building; thus, more energy will be used and will cost you more money. We offer duct leakage testing in Sacramento and other suburbs of Sacramento like Folsom, Roseville, El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay, Bay Area, and even Southern California.
  • Blower Door Testingis to see if your building or house leaks more than allowed hot or cold air to outside of the building structure. We offer Blower Door Testing in Sacramento and all of the California cities.
  • Air Flow Testuses a flow hood to determine if there is enough airflow in your HVAC system to work efficiently to cool and heat the building.
  • Fan Efficiency Testwe perform this test to see how much power is being consumed to move 1 CFM of air. This can help your system to run more efficiently and can even increase the life of your system
  • Refrigerant Testingis to determine if your system has enough refrigerant in your system to efficiently cool your building or the house.

HERS Test & Title 24 Report Paperwork in Sacramento, Bay Area, and most California cities like San Francisco, Walnut Creek, Concord, Roseville are a requirement that homeowners and commercial builders must meet to open and close their new constructions or renovations. At Sacramento Home Energy Efficiency Systems, we will make the process of getting the Title 24 paperwork and the completion of HERS test easy for you with our professional and affordable services. We have all the necessary software to create the Title 24 report for you for your Sacramento or the Bay Area home. We also have all the tools and expertise to perform Duct Test, Air Flow Test, Blower Door Test, & others for homes in Sacramento, Bay Area, or anywhere in California.

Requirement of HERS Testing:

HERS Testing is required by California Law. Without passing HERS test from a qualified HERS rater, you will not be able to close your permit for an HVAC system of an existing house or be able to move into a newly constructed house or a commercial building.

Save Money On Energy Bills With HERS Testing

HERS Testing can significantly help you reduce your energy bill, up to 35%. Which means that on an average energy bill of $200, you can save up to $75 each month, which is about $1000 per year.

3. HERS Testing can help you increase the life of your HVAC system learning the leakage and then reducing it, increasing the air flow in your system.

Air Balancing

Air Balancing

We offer commercial and residential air balancing for systems that need more effeiciency but not major repairs.

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Hers Testing

Hers Testing

We offer all the required HERS Tests required by law to help you open and close your building permit.

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Title 24 Report

Title 24 & 20 Compliance

We are specialists in verifying compliance of HVAC systems according to Title 24 and Title 20 requirements of California Law Code.

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Duct Test

Duct Leakage Test

It’s performed to test leakage in the duct system and is a mandatory requirement for obtaining your building permit.

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Air Flow Test

Air Flow Test

It's performed to measure if you have the required air flow in your system to efficiently cool or heat the building.

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Air Balancing

Bloor Door Test

This test measures the leakage of your home or office to the outside & can help you conserve the conditioned air inside the building.

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Refrigerant Test

Refrigerant Test

It is to see if your system has enough refrigerent to efficientely cool your building.

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Energy Audit

Energy Audit

We can also offer comprehensive energy audits for your Sacramento or Bay Area home

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