Title 24

California Law requires homeowners or builders to get Title 24 report, which guides homeowners or builders to take necessary measures towards building a more energy efficient home. A HERS Test is then needed to obtain your permit to make sure that you took the necessary measures which were listed on the Title 24 Report. Sacramento Home Energy Efficiency Systems is one of the most trusted companies to offer HERS testing and Title 24 service in Sacramento and surrounding areas, such as Roseville, Rocklin, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, other suburbs. Over time, we have developed expertise for helping builders, contractors, and home owners save time for obtaining the Title 24 paperwork and the completion of HERS Test to open or close the permits; also, we help in improving energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings alike.

Through energy testing, primarily on your HVAC system, we can provide technically feasible and commercially viable solutions for energy cost reduction. We also provide technological support for the implementation of recommended energy conservation procedures and post implementation services for monitoring and verification. In the end, we make the paperwork process fun and easy.

Duct Leakage Test

A duct system test uses one of the several methods to force air through the duct system under pressure and measure the air flow at different locations within the system. By comparing the pressures and flow rates, the test is able to determine the total amount of leakage in the system. One of the testing methods uses a device called a Duct Blaster, which pressurizes and forces air through the duct system with all supply and return vents conserved or sealed. The air flow is then measured at different points throughout the system, and any reductions in force or air flow indicate the presence of a leak.

Air Flow Test

HERS testing comprises of different tests designed to identify the areas where the energy in an HVAC system is being wasted in a home or business. Typically, an energy efficiency test is conducted to identify opportunities to reduce the energy demand of the system without effecting production volumes, quality or safety.

HERS testing is also required by law when installing a new HVAC unit or doing any major change-out. California Energy regulations require HERS testing to make sure that the new or improved system is up to the strict energy standards of California law.

We, at Sacramento Home Energy Efficiency Systems, employ a systems approach that goes beyond equipment efficiency and estimates the overall system efficiency of important processes and supporting utilities.

Blower Door Test

The Refrigerant test makes sure the levels and pressure of the refrigerant charged in your HVAC equipment are sustainable to a high-functioning, efficient system

Air Balacing

To commission a ventilation system or a forced-air heating system, or to troubleshoot problems with these systems, it is essential to be able to measure the rate of air flow through registers and grilles. By performing an air flow test, our HERS rater will be able to confirm if the air is circulating through the whole conditioned space as it needs to, and suggest corrections (such as air balancing).

Refrigerent Test

The Refrigerant test makes sure the levels and pressure of the refrigerant charged in your HVAC equipment are sustainable to a high-functioning, efficient system

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