HERS Test Forms

HERS Title 24 Required Forms

Types of Forms Needed for HERS Rater Test and Title 24 Testing in California

Whether you’re building a new house as a contractor or having an AC installer do work on your HVAC system for cooling or heating, the state of California requires testing to be done in order to ensure that your house or commercial building is energy efficient. Without passing the HERS Test you will not be able to close your building permit.

Types of forms needed for HERS Testing to Open & Close your Permit

1. CF1R HERS Form: Either the homeowner, HVAC installer, contractor, or HERS rater call complete this form. We offer the service to complete these forms for our customers. On this form, we need to register the alterations that you have done to your HVAC system. Based on the alterations that your installer has done or will do, our HERS Rater will verify those changes and then test your house or commercial building. We offer the CF1R HERS test form completion service for Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, most suburbs of Sacramento & the Sierra Foothills. We also offer CF1R Form completion service in San Francisco, San Jose, Napa, and most of the Bay Area cities. We also offer this service in Fresno and the central valley as well.

2. CF2R HERS Test Form: The contractor or the HVAC installer usually fills out this form. This is also called the HERS & Title form of installation, it is to verify the alterations registered on CF1R were completed and written on CF2R. Our HERS raters can also complete this form for your installer and have them sign off on it. We offer CF2R completion services in Sacramento, Roseville, El Dorado Fills, most of Sacramento & Yuba City foothills area, South Lake Tahoe and the Sierra county. We also offer our services to complete CF2R HERS forms in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Concord, Napa, and most of the Bay Area. We also cover Fresno, Merced, and most of the Central Valley.

3. CF3R HERS Test Form: CF3R form is also called the HERS and Title 24 Test form of verification. This form must be completed by your HERS Rater. We perform all the tests and complete this form for you. Only after this form is completed, you can get your permit.

As true professionals, we offer the service of completing CF1R, CF2R, and CF3R as an extended service for our customers. When you need a HERS Test simply call our professionals, we will answer all of your questions and complete the forms, and perform the quality HERS Testing for your home or commercial building.